This site was setup to expose the policy that Major League Baseball (MLB) has implemented to "protect" local broadcasters.

Does MLB blackout in-market fans whose television provider carries the local channel? Most certainly not

What about everyone else? That depends on a complicated set of rules, charts and maps, but most likely Yes.

This policy needs to be rewritten at a minimum, ideally completely revoked.

But how do we get a organization that has been around since 1869 and supports the American Pasttime to listen to a "small percentage" of fans?


By voicing our concerns to the advertisers and sponsors of MLB and local teams, we will make them take notice and reform these policies.

McCain’s proposed legislation won’t fix MLB blackouts…



Senator John McCain introduced a bill in the Senate last week which aims to ban local TV blackouts for sporting events played in publicly-financed stadiums. But don’t get too excited baseball fans. The bill is aimed NFL blackout rules, for the most part. MLB blackouts due to the crazy MLB blackout map won’t change under this proposed legislation.


Small win for baseball fans

The lawsuit that has been brought against MLB, TV providers, and multiple teams has been allowed to proceed says U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin.

More information in the story from Yahoo Sports Canada

Postseason charges for useless product

Do not subscribe to for the postseason you will be sad when you find out that Postseason is for international customers only. All of the postseason games are being broadcast nationally which means that will not show them until 90 minutes after the end of the game, after you get the score alert, after you see the results on twitter/facebook, etc.

Even though MLB/Fox/Turner just finalized a deal for the next 8 years they still want to squeeze every dollar out of the fans.

Fans should not stand for it and let any sponsor you see during the postseason know that MLB hates the fans.

MLB Fox and Turner agree to 8 year agreement

In a surprising move (sarcasm) MLB Fox and Turner re-up the deal that keeps fans in blackout zones across the nation.

So instead of listening to the fans and removing all or most of the blackout restrictions (nonsense) the TV deals are continued with only a small bone tossed to the fans. There are fewer National Saturday blackouts for Fox games - but only for and MLB Extra Innings.

The worst part of this deal is the term is set for 8 years starting in 2014 - so the fans might not be able to watch without blackouts for another 10 years. We must reach out to the partners in this deal and make sure they understand this was not the deal that should have happened. Full and open broadcasting will embrace the fans and catapult America’s past-time into the prime time.

MLB Antitrust case will hear prelim decision from judge today

Todaythe Garber et al v. MLB antitrust case against MLB and its broadcasting partners will hear a preliminarily decision on whether the judge will hear the case. Fans are hoping this goes well as a few steps after this is the discovery phase that will start to air the dirty laundry that MLB doesn’t want its fans to see.

MLB doesnt know what its customer wants

MLB is compared to Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook and he points out that MLB sees everything slipping through their fingers. So MLB has decided to clutch on super strong to what it has left instead of letting go and embracing change.